Utilizing a Charrette Model for design, planning and execution results in greater collaboration and respect between disciplines, ultimately creating a superior end result. Monarch has been divided into 2 major components to give each project group the opportunity for greater focus and deeper learning. Regular meetings of the entire project team will allow groups to share their progress as well as offer input to the other components… “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

An initiative of this scale and impact can only be accomplished by bringing together the best talent and engaging them from day one. Each member was asked to provide a personal commitment statement as to Why they believe in Monarch.

Architect: Weber Murphy Fox: “We consider ourselves privileged to have the opportunity in the form of Monarch, a Living Resort to contribute to the built-environment, and we are also respectful stewards of the environment, the landscape, and the communities within which it is constructed.  We believe that our work shall act to re-weave and reintegrate the architecture with the natural surroundings regardless of program, budget, or schedule. The work must serve to heal and remedy the damages to our environment and strive to leave the landscape in a condition that is better than when we found it. We believe that the Monarch vision supports these values and will act to educate and engage the resorts guests and the greater community through thoughtful design and a sensible promotion of conservation, preservation and stewardship.”   Role: Site Design, Resort Design, and G.A.T.E. House Design

General Contractor: Dunlop & Johnston, Inc. believes in the mission of Monarch as it will provide an opportunity for our company to promote sustainability with construction materials, operations, and methods; all while giving back to the community and environment. “We are elated to be involved in a project as unique as this; one that will continue to evolve and transform over time. Monarch will become a national destination for educating and encouraging sustainable and green practices and will encourage generations to come. Furthermore, we are excited for the opportunity to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”   Role: Resort Construction and G.A.T.E. House Construction

Architect: AODK is excited to be involved in Monarch. “We strongly believe how impactful the project will be in so many ways.  First, the project will push the conversation of green building in this region and nationally. The high level of sustainability that this project will achieve will be precedent setting.  As a working, living research project it will allow for educational opportunities, tours, seminars take place with the goal that it will become common practice. Second, we believe that green living will find its strongest voice when in addition to contributing to building a sustainable planet it can add value to people’s daily lives. Since people will be able to stay on the property they will be able to experience the transformative effect that architecture can have when it connects people to their context in nature. We believe it can positively impact how you live, work, think, grow personally and ultimately affect your happiness and wellbeing. As an architect, we have idealistic aspirations of the impact of design in the built world and Monarch will bring those aspirations to life to be shared and experienced.”  Role: Chalet Design and The Well Design

General Contractor: Craven Construction believes in Monarch Living Resort’s mission to provide a sustainable educational setting for private business retreats. “As builders, we relish the opportunity to use what Mother Nature has given us to create beautiful, functional spaces that not only provide shelter and meet the needs of the individuals using the site, but also encourage creative thought and inspire visitors. By collaborating with Monarch Living Resort Teams, we look forward to utilizing the natural landscape to create a truly sustainable building project. With a record of historic renovation and remodel, we are experts at creating something where others might see nothing. In the past few years we have gained a new passion for repurposing and incorporating environmentally friendly building practices after receiving (LEED) GOLD by the U.S. Green Building Council. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Monarch Living Resort to create a community that promotes the conservation of natural resources and preservation of existing grounds with which to engage and learn for generations to come.”  Role: Chalet Construction and The Well Construction

Green Building Consultant: Two Trails exudes a passion for sustainability and its integration into building science. Since our inception, Two Trails has incorporated best practices into our projects not only because those practices are sustainable, but the results yield an optimally efficient facility. We are truly honored to collaborate on a project as progressive as Monarch, a Living Resort. The Monarch project exemplifies the full spectrum of sustainability and will demonstrate the extent of sustainable concepts in the built environment. The Monarch model will continue to evolve with the field of sustainability by serving as a powerful educational tool. We are excited to be involved in a project that amplifies one of our core principles, "sustainable building education.” As practitioners in sustainable development, Two Trails is enthusiastic to participate in this unique and innovative project. Role: Advise and Oversee Green Building Certification Process

Master Design Architect: Jason F. McLennan has dedicated all of his adult life to helping transform the built environment through the creation of green building designs and standards. Over the years he has launched the Living Building Challenge, Living Community Challenge, WELL, Declare and the Redlist to name the most prominent.  His goal now is to work directly with projects where there is potential to change the way people think about how they live and how they build. It is becoming more and more critical that we fundamentally alter the impact we have on the planet and build models of the future that are beautiful and inspiring. 

McLennan believes that Monarch, a Living Resort has the potential to be one of these critically important projects.  A powerful new model in the US Midwest that brings people from all walks of life together to rethink how they live in a setting that is inspiring, peaceful and hopeful. Our team is looking forward to sharing the lessons we’ve learned over the last two decades with local design and construction professionals and to help craft a unique and beautiful experience for future visitors. Monarch will start out as an oasis of hope – best practices demonstrated in built form – that will begin to reshape design and construction in the communities around it. Role: Oversee and Advise Master Design Team